RAET 3D Hook (57mm x 7mm)

This hook is designed to take the load off your arms when wingfoiling. It pairs well with any waist leash belt and harness lines and has a generous hook shape which allows you to hook in and out easily. 

Without exaggerating, this hook is a "game changer", allowing you to use harness lines - you will still get the exercise but your arms will last x2 longer. 

The rounded edges ensure minimal wear and tear on your harness lines and reduce the chance of denting your board. 

This version of the hook is designed for smaller width/diameter belts or those without padding with the dimension of the belt hole at 57mm x 7 mm. 

The hook is printed in bio-based PLA in Arendal with a high infill percentage and thick walls to guarantee robustness and longevity. 

It comes in Sapphire Blue colour (as pictured) or Seafoam Green, depending on the stock available. 

kr 250.00