Anti-twist footstrap system by S4LT (x3 - for wave & freestyle boards)

The last word in anti-twist systems: German-Engineered S4LT´s anti-twist system!

The ATW 277 (Anti-Twist-Washer) is a new type of anti-twist protection for foot straps, which, compared to other systems, does not twist any more! The system works for the front and rear foot straps. The ATW 277 is suitable for metric (30 mm) and imperial systems (25.4 mm), as well as for foot strap hole grids in windsurf boards of 1/2 "and 1". 

Previous systems are frictional. S4LT offers the first system that enables positive power transmission. To put it more simply: previous systems do not work or work inadequately because the torsional resistance is achieved through friction, which is realized through the torque, i.e. the contact pressure of the screw. The ATW from S4LT, on the other hand, uses a second rigid axle so that twisting is positively prevented.

Our advantages over non-positive systems

  • No twisting foot straps
  • No overtightened screws
  • No overturned mounting holes in the windsurf board
  • No excessive torque required
  • No ground pads
  • Easy and safe sliding in and out again
  • Fits metric foot straps (30 mm)
  • Fits imperial foot straps (1 "= 25.4mm)
  • Fits standard hole spacing in the board of 1/2 "(12.7mm)
  • Fits standard hole spacing in the board of 1 "(25.4mm)

Sold in black. This version is suitable if you running a 3-strap configuration (e.g for wave or freestyle use). The pack comes complete with everything you need (but remember to use keep your existing screws too). The pack consists of:

- x6 anti-twist pieces (injection moulded from heavy-duty PA6 (nylon).
- x6 TX30 secondary screws (to lock the pieces in place)

You will need a Tx30 screwdriver (not provided) to install the small screw. 


kr 400.00