Spot Guide: Hasseltangen


Hasseltangen is best known for providing good conditions in NE and ENE winds but can be very enjoyable with W and WNW winds too for wingfoiling!

Arrival and rigging area

Drive down the tarmac road and take a left after the big boat warehouse building, onto a gravel road. Drive to the end of it and there is ample parking. Rig your gear on the grassy area - there is loads of space!


Launch from one of the sandy beaches. Be careful, there are rocks submerged in the water, so swim out at least 20-30 metres directly out from the beach before climbing onto your board. 


Probably the least known and used winds for this spot, as the wind comes from land, from your left. But these winds are often accompanied by great clear weather and blow well into the evening, making for a perfect sunset session. Expect gusty winds so think twice about taking your sinker board out! This is a flat water dream and perfect for working on jibes and tacks in fantastic surroundings.  


The NE and ENE winds are the winds that are mostly commonly used at this spot. NE winds can be a bit gusty and unreliable, but provide nice freeride conditions and some chop, with the wind from the right. Excellent for beginners because if you lose your wing you will just end up at the end of the bay. For the more intermediate and advanced riders, ENE winds bring more swell from the open sea, and make for some fun swell/freefly riding between Jerkholmen and the tip of Hasseltangen. The more E in the wind, the more swell you can expect and the better wave riding conditions. With 10 m/s and above you can expect some swell lines and with stronger winds the waves break on the tip of Jerkholmen and Hasseltangen (do not get too close to the shore, it´ s rocky!). 


Probably the best swell conditions as the swell has no significant islands in its path, although quite rare! There is a significant wind shadow on the beaches of Hasseltangen so you have to walk with your gear to the northern tip and may need to swim out a bit. 

Disclaimer: wingfoiling at this spot is carried out at your own risk and RAET 3D accepts no responsibility the case of damage to equipment, injury or death linked to the use of information in this blog post, or in any inaccuracies in this blog post. 

WNW conditions = pure flat water blasting!