About RAET 3D

RAET 3D was created in 2023 by Björn Alfthan. 

Björn grew up in Switzerland to British and Finnish parents, and is a passionate skier, mountaineer, windsurfer, and most recently, foil addict. 

In 2009 Björn moved to Arendal, Norway to work for an environmental organisation. After owning a sailboat and cruising up and down the coast for a few seasons, he decided to take up windsurfing and quickly got hooked on the sport, making regular trips down to the Lista peninsula to catch some waves. 

But as every parent will know, having children eats up (a lot of) free time! Luckily, foiling allows Björn to make the most of the marginal winds after the little ones are tucked up in bed. And pump foiling... can be done anytime without the need for wind. 

Björn brings his passion for foiling and watersports, 3D design, and respect for the environment with him into RAET 3D.